When a prescription drug is designated as potentially leading to harmful conditions, they will often be given what is called a black box warning. This is the strictest possible warning that can be placed on the outside labeling of any prescription drug that is recommended by a physician. You would imagine that any drug that needs to have this type of warning would not be recommended. They should try to find something else. However, many drugs do have these warnings on the label to indicate there is a high probability of dangerous side effects. A drug by the name of Invokana has recently been in the news because of a black box warning on the label. Let's discuss what this warning is, and why it would merit this type of label.

What Does Invokana Do?

When a person suffers from type II diabetes, they will need to address this issue as quickly as possible. Diabetes is a condition where the cells of your body are not receptive to glucose any longer, or it could be a lack of insulin in the bloodstream. When your pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin, you can develop glucose toxicity in the blood. This can lead to extreme problems such as your liver failing. Before this occurring, your physician will likely recommend a drug that can resolve this issue. That is why they will often prescribe Invokana. It can improve glycemic control. It does so by preventing your kidneys from re-absorbing glucose. By doing so, it can lower the amount of blood sugar that you have which can prevent all of the problems caused by diabetes. However, it seems to cause problems of its own.

What Problems Can Invokana Cause Within Your Body?

Some people that have taken this drug have had their lower extremities amputated. This has to do with developing gangrene, lower limb infections, and diabetic foot ulcers. When this happens, if it is not treated immediately, it may require the amputation of a lower limb to save your life. This has happened to so many people that it has brought Invokana under scrutiny. This has led to a recent ruling that Invokana must have a black box warning. It states that there is the possibility that this type of condition may occur, a warning that may presumably help prevent amputations from occurring when people choose not to use this drug.

What Does The Black Box Invokana Warning Say?

The warning informs people of this possibility of needing to have lower limbs amputated. It is a condition that does not happen to most people, but it might develop. It is due to the frequency of this condition happening that has led to the black box warning being mandatory.

Will This Black Box Warning Help Prevent Amputations?

A black box warning is simply information that gives people a choice. It allows them to be informed about all possible conditions that may occur. Regarding the drug, it is simply going to do what it has always done. Some people simply have a predisposition to developing conditions like gangrene, but this will be exacerbated when they use Invokana. When people have this choice or at least have this information, they can make the right choice for them. Their physician will also consider their history to see if conditions like ischemia or gangrene have developed in their family before. If so, this is not a prescription drug that they would recommend.

What Has Happened As A Result Of These Amputations?

The amputations that have occurred have led to these court rulings where the black box labeling must be placed on the Invokana bottles. It has also led to class-action lawsuits, ones that have paid out billions of dollars. This is something that is quite common in the pharmaceutical industry. Although they will do tests on many different people to look for potentially detrimental conditions developing, not everybody is the same. Based on your body size, genetics, and family history, you may react poorly to this drug whereas others will not have any problems at all. The amputations were very influential in forcing the pharmaceutical industry to put on this labeling. If your doctor recommends this particular drug, this is something you need to know as it may lead to a very unwanted situation.

It is so important to consider all of your options if you do have type II diabetes. There are ways of getting this under control without pharmaceutical drugs. You may have a diet that is very high in processed sugar, and by limiting the amount of glucose intake that you have every day, this will not force the pancreas to overproduce insulin. That is one of the main reasons that type I diabetes will occur. The pancreas simply wears out. Additionally, too much sugar being presented to the cells of your body can lead to insulin resistance. To avoid all of that from happening, managing your diet is the most important thing that you can do. However, if you are at a point where you need to have a pharmaceutical intervention, be very careful regarding choosing a good Invokana Law Firm that can help you with your claim.


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